We offer basic, intermediate and advanced welder training courses and have been industry experts for over 20 years. We provide welding instructorswho have experience of over 15 years, and we can bring in our 3rd party inspector for any training that requires coding. An in-house certificate is provided for all courses taken without a 3rds party inspector

We will work closely with you to tailor your welder training requirements to your specific demands, rather than just offering standard 'modular' fixed duration training. In this way you pay for the welding bay, equipment, facilities and instruction for the number of days required to allow you to reach the standard you need or take a welder qualification test. We pride ourselves on offering a personal, bespoke professional service to both small and large companies and individuals alike.

Course Duration

We teach welding to approved International Standards. Our training courses start from a two-day course right up to 2 weeks. Our close supervision style of training generally means that welders already working in the trade don't need longer than 2-5 days in order to reach test standard. The actual content and level of training is tailored to your specific requirements, but is available from basic craft skills, to more advanced technician skills. Welder training is delivered at our workshop premises.

Charpy Impact Testing

We offer training in the following processes on mild/low alloy steels, aluminium alloys, stainless steels, nickel alloys. covering fillet, butt and branch joints/welds in pipe, plate and sheet materials.

  • Manual Metal Arc (MMA/ SMAW)
  • Tungsten Inert Gas (TIG/GTAW)
  • Metal Active / Metal Inert Gas (MIG/MAG/GMAW)
  • Gas shielded Flux cored arc welding (FCAW)

Welder Approval Qualification Testing (codes)

We offer a coded welding training using a our 3rd party inspector. You can train or test on sheet, plate or pipe in any position, right up to HL045 (6G) position, in carbon or stainless steel and/or aluminium alloys.